Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free Apps at Starbucks...

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day, but now you can add a free iPhone app to your Vanilla Latte!  For years at Starbucks, you could always pick up a little card that offered a "Pick of the Week" song code that you could download directly from iTunes for free.  The other day while I was waiting for my coffee, I looked at the "Pick of the Week" card that is by the register, and I was surprised to see it was not a song...it was for an iPhone/iPad app!  The app for that week was a Dora the Explorer ABC game app that is perfect for my four year old son.  They have also offered a Scrabble game, a Golf Tutor, and the Shazaam music app in past weeks.  The Pick of the Week still does offer songs, but the addition to IOS apps is a fun addition to the morning coffee experience!

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